Toronto To Host First Ever Boring Awards

Recognizes achievement in Boredom

Mayor Ford nominated for “Least Boring Canadian”

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It’s Glitz. It’s Glamour. It’s Boring.

Toronto will host the world’s first Boring Awards, recognizing achievement in boredom.

The world’s first ever Boring Awards will take place Tuesday night at The Royal Cinema at 7 pm along with the premiere of the “hugely entertaining” (Montreal Gazette) film Boredom.

Categories include:  Most Boring Person of the Year, Most Boring Moment and Most Boring Canadian City among others.

The first awards will focus mostly on Canadian affairs, according to organizers.

“We know boring,” said Boring Awards Producer Ina Fichman. Canada has sometimes been characterized as a boring place. Famously Canada inspired the most boring headline ever once published in the New York Times titled; "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative."

The winners will be chosen by the Boring Academy; a mix of accountants, tax officials and IT networking specialists. The nominees include Rob Ford, Prime Minster Stephen Harper and the city of Brampton, Ontario.

According the documentary Boredom, while tastes do vary in boredom, generally speaking people do find the same things boring. The film also reveals that chronic boredom can kill you.

Boredom, directed by Albert Nerenberg is the first feature documentary ever on the nature of boredom.

The Boring Awards

Followed by Boredom The Documentary

7 pm at the Royal Cinema, Tickets $11

INFO: Hey@Laughology,info 416-821-1999


Most Boring Canadian

Chose one

1) Prime Minister Stephen Harper

2) Avril Lavigne

3) NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair

4)The Bank of Montreal Animated Character

  1. 5)Justin Bieber

Least Boring Canadian

1) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

2) Actor Ryan Gosling

3) Peaches

4) Astronaut Chris Hatfield

  1. 5)Judge France Charbonneau

Most Boring Event of the Year

1) 64th Annual Tax Conference, Calgary Alberta

2) Queen's Jubilee Ceremonies in Canada

3) 2012 Throne Speech, Parliament of Canada

  1. 4)Toronto Maple Leafs eliminated from Stanley Cup Playoffs

Most Boring City in Canada

Choose one

1) Ottawa, Ontario

2) Laval, Quebec

3) Lethbridge, Alberta

4) Abbotsford, BC

5) Brampton, ON

Most Boring Comment of the Year

1) “It’s just going to be all trivial facts and figures.”

Dale Martelli, President of the B.C. Social Studies Teacher’s Association talking about the Canadian Governments new plans for the teaching of Canadina History

  1. 2)"To return to boring."

Mark Carney, then Governer of the Bank dscribes his 2012 strategy at Canada's Central Bank

3) “It’s official, Canadian home prices are boring."

Bank of Montreal chief economist Doug Porter talking about the stability of Canadian Real Estate

  1. 4)"Our leaders are boring, but what does that say about us?"

Sean Koury, in

5) "Boring and orderly is the Canadian way."

Monte Solberg in the Toronto Sun